Ukraine: ifa Initiatives and Projects

Since the 1990s, ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen has actively engaged in projects with Ukraine. ifa supports and connects people from civil society advocating democracy, freedom of the media and press as well as human rights. Through scholarships, conferences, ifa-funding, research activities and academic networking through the international network International Cultural Relations Reserach Alliance (ICRRA) or touring exhibitions, ifa closely collaborates with artists from Ukraine.

The war in Europe is not only causing unspeakable pain and destruction, it is also tearing apart cultural networks that have been forged with great effort. This is why ifa is committed to continue the dialogue between German and Eastern European arists and to support Ukrainain artists that have fled their own country.

Cultural Aid Ukraine

Baden-Württemberg stands in solidarity with those seeking refuge from Ukraine. The Cultural Aid Ukraine Programme by ifa serves as a support center for artists from Ukraine as well as cultural institutions in Baden-Württemberg. The programme was established in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

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About Cultural Aid Ukraine

Call for Donations

Since the 1990s, ifa has forged long-standing and very close ties to people engaged in civil society in Eastern Europe, fom the arts and culture, the media. These networks have existed for decades and share the values of ifa: freedom of speech, artistic freedom, respect for human rights and participation.

Financial aid is needed to offer artists from Ukraine a perspective and allow them to continute their work as well as to support cultural exchange projects.

The ifa Friends' Association is recognised as a non-profit association. Donations are therefore tax deductible. Donations of up to 200 euros can be claimed by presenting a deposit slip or bank statement. For donations of 200.01 euros or above, it is necessary to present an official donation receipt which can be requested from the ifa Friends' Association. The Friends' Association is also happy to accept donations from non-members:

Account number: 2479165
Bank code: 600 501 01
IBAN: DE71600501010002479165
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KULTURAUSTAUSCH Dossier on Ukraine

The war in Ukraine dominates the foreign policy sphere. The bordering countries are experiencing a massive immigration of refugees fleeing the war. In this dossier of short interviews from affected regions, KULTURAUSTAUSCH presents eyewitness accounts as well as political and historical context.

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