It is the interpersonal with all its shortcomings that fascinates Wolfgang Tillmans. He sees the acceptance of the fragility that defines us as individuals and our interpersonal relationships as a strength. He uses failures, ruptures and fragility as an impetus to develop new processes. They point to the imperfect nature of our lives and reveal unsuspected perspectives on life's materiality. In this sense, 'Fragile' refers to the precious moments of life and the value of social and family ties, especially in times of social and political instability.

Tillmans's artistic work is based on an irrepressible curiosity, intensive preparatory research and continual engagement with the technical and aesthetic potential of the medium of photography. His visual language is characterized by a close observation that opens up a deeply humane approach to our surroundings. Familiarity and empathy, friendship, community and closeness can be seen and felt in his pictures.

The exhibition presents the multifaceted art of Wolfgang Tillmans and shows about 200 works from the years 1986 to 2018. The exhibition includes large-format prints, smaller photographic prints, sculptural objects and table installations, and also video projections and publication projects.

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