Restoration of the medina

Tétouan – Andalusian cultural heritage in Morocco

The medina, or old town, of Tétouan is one of the smallest in Morocco and at the same time, it is largely preserved. Committed citizens of Tétouan have given themselves the task of preserving this cultural heritage site. Can their restoration project be a role model for other cities?

The Mediterranean Sea, Europe and Africa from space

Euro-Mediterranean Knowledge Space Foundation

From Dublin to Damascus, from Niger to the North Cape

ifa | The conference Shared Heritage. Trans and intercultural heritage in the Euro-Afro-Mediterranean area held by the Euro-Mediterranean Knowledge Space Foundation (WEM) was part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The Cultural Heritage Year focusses on the links between European cultures, their heritage and their memory. The aim of the conference was to expand the traditional memory space of the European cultural heritage and to take part in the discovery and organisation of a heritage that is largely shared by Europe, the southern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Staircase with a visitor

Europe, the Mediterranean and its "shared heritage"

Success story of cultural cooperation

ifa | What can the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 do? It is not only within Europe that attention is to be drawn to the cultural foundations of our society. Understanding of the common heritage with neighbouring regions of the Mediterranean region as far as sub-Saharan Africa is also to be strengthened. Verena-Metze Mangold reports on the importance of a jointly valued cultural area and projects implemented to date.

View of the choir of the Herz Jesu Church in Apatin

Danube Swabian Cultural Heritage

"We're trying to save what is still possible"

ifa | The northern Serbian city of Apatin is one of the pivotal points for the cultural heritage of the German minority in Vojvodina these days. The Danube Swabian Church Museum was opened in 2014. Initiator Boris Mašić tries to find and save works of art, books and documents of the Germans. In an interview with the ifa, he talks about his work and expectations of Serbia, Germany and the European Union.