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(c) Sigmar Polke, Photo: Frank Kleinbach

Jeder Deutsche besitzt, statistisch gesehen, 10000 Dinge. Photo: Frank Kleinbach

Sigmar Polke – Music from an Unknown Source

Multicultural Centre Universitatii Transilvania | Brașov | 07.12.2018 – 18.01.2019

Exhibition | Since the early 1960s, Sigmar Polke (1941–2010) was concerned with the relationship between the reality of an image and reality itself, and between art and everyday life. He often took a distanced and ironic standpoint that enabled him to turn his attention beyond the “contents” of an artwork to questions of form and the material nature of painting.

In the 40 gouaches in this exhibition, Polke takes watercolour as an invitation to make the dripping and flowing of paint the theme of these works. Both controlled and uncontrolled ways of letting physical phenomena take their own course are important elements of Polke’s work. The artist lays a contrasting and characteristic regular and calculated pattern over the unpredictable traces of flowing paint. He also gives these pictures absurd titles that add a poetic note to these images, and are also typical of his artistic position as a whole.

Curated by Götz Adriani