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The ifa provides comprehensive information on foreign cultural and educational policy. Online research is possible both in the holdings of the ifa library and with other providers. A repository is under construction that will provide full texts on the foreign cultural and educational policy. Three networks connect research and practice in international cultural exchange. In addition, the ifa provides information on international cultural relations conferences taking place around the world.


Discovery (beta version) searches the online databases and e-book holdings of JSTOR with 12.8 million electronic articles in addition to books, journals and articles from the ifa library.

ECP Monitor

The External Cultural Policy-Monitor presents information on the foreign cultural and education policies of selected countries. Thematic reports compare measures for education, culture, research, digital diplomacy, language and media internationally. 

External Cultural Policy (ECP) Monitor


ifa operates three networks that expand and link practical cultural work, academic reflection and policy advice nationally and internationally. The International Cultural Relations Research Alliance (ICRRA) connects academic institutions worldwide. The Wissenschaftlicher Initiativkreis Kultur und Außenpolitik (WIKA) organises academics, students, research institutions, think tanks and cultural institutions from Germany. The aim of the German-Chinese forum is to exchange views on central development tasks in cultural education.

International Cultural Relations Research Alliance (ICRRA)

Wissenschaftlicher Initiativkreis Kultur und Außenpolitik (WIKA)

German-Chinese Forum 'Cultural Education'

Conference calendar

7  Conferences

Representing Pasts – Visioning Futures

A virtual conference at the intersection of History, Art, Design, Architecture and Film

01.12. - 03.12.2022 online


Pop Cultures: Cultural and Creative Industries, Concepts and Problems

A Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

19.03. - 20.03.2023 Prague


9th World Summit on Arts and Culture

Stockholm 2023

03.05. - 05.05.2023 Stockholm


2023 Art Curators Conference

AAMC & AAMC Foundation Annual Conference & Meeting

06.05. - 09.05.2023 Nev York City

Bildung & Wissenschaft

2023 Ecsite Conference

The Conference for all Science Engagement professionals

15.06. - 17.06.2023 Valletta, Malta


Prague – Heritages : Past and Present - Built and Social

International Conference on Culture, History, Art and Design

28.06. - 30.06.2023 Prague

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What does foreign cultural and educational policy do?

Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy is a basic component of the foreign policy of the Federal Republic of Germany.  It is referred to as the 'third pillar' of foreign policy alongside political and economic relations. It provides information on Germany's cultural, media and research landscapes as well as on current social, political and cultural discourses and it promotes the German language worldwide. It showcases culture from Germany abroad and vice versa. By strengthening civil societies, Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy can prevent and deal with cultural, religious or ideological conflicts.
Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy actively shapes multilateral cultural exchange. It provides impulses for an integrated cultural policy of European countries. This is how it builds and consolidates sustainable international relations.



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