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Alliance for Global Cultural Relations

The "Alliance for Global Cultural Relations" is a global network for global subjects. International institutions and think tanks from various areas discuss thematic complexes of current relevance.

The network "Alliance for Global Cultural Relations" strives to achieve the following:

  • create new initiatives
  • build knowledge structures to advance an evidence based practice
  • foster interdisciplinary approaches in the area of cultural policy
  • coordinate research projects and public events
  • reach multipliers; improve communication and media strategies 

Further information

Further information

Nowadays, cultural relations cannot be primarily understood and practised as bilateral relations with other countries, but as the structuring of networks in global contexts. The spectrum includes connections between global topics such as human rights, climate change, migration and conflict prevention. Thus, better and more efficient structures are necessary, which complement the customary institutional or national structures, and operate in a particularly evidence and research based manner. In this context, the potential impact of culture must be understood broadly.

On this basis, ifa formed the informal network "Alliance for Global Cultural Relations" with international institutions and think tanks, which define themselves as intermediaries between practical cultural work, scientific reflection, policy consultation and the media.The global and interdisciplinary network understands its task as, inter alia, reflecting on and further developing cultural relations. Furthermore, it facilitates the exchange on issues of regional analyses, conflict management and the significance of new media. Development processes towards a transnational or post-national cultural policy are reflected upon just as the work in dictatorships and autocracies are.

On a practical level, the network particularly deals with the following issues: How can the transfer of research-based knowledge into society and politics be improved? How can the exchange of knowledge and cooperation in the field of international cultural relations be fostered? How can organisations working in this field form synergies and support each other's interests?

So far, thematic and strategic exchange has occurred in Berlin with the participation of the following organisations and institutions: British Council, Goldsmith University London (Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship), Salzburg Global Seminar (LGBT Forum und Culture and the Arts Program), Institute for Cultural Relations Policy in Budapest, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv und University of Southern California (Centre for Public Diplomacy and Annenberg School of Communication). Other thematic subjects revolving around the topic of cultural policy were treated in conferences and workshops with international experts.

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