Visitors' Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany

Since 2006 ifa has been designing and organising informational tours as part of the Visitors’ Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany. Through the programme, multipliers from all over the world have been coming to Germany to explain political concepts against the background of a current socio-political topic and to exchange experiences. Through their own experiences in Germany, visitors can create an authentic, up-to-date and differentiated picture of Germany and simultaneously use the opportunity to network with one another.

In the past, the visits have dealt with topics such as Germany’s path to unity, the remembrance of the world wars, the death penalty, media (self-)regulation, internet politics, economic, social and cultural human rights, religion and tolerance. The thematic emphasis is on Germany’s dealings with the history of the 20th century and economic, social and cultural human rights with particular regards to the relationship between state and religion in Germany.
For example, the 2017 informational tour topic was 'Luther 2017. 500 Years of Reformation in Germany.' Clergymen, historians and scientists from 15 countries were invited to this special anniversary and visited Luther’s important reformation centres and his places of influence. They also met with planners and actors of the anniversary celebrations.
Typically, participants spend a week in Germany, attending events by state and non-state actors which focus on the trip’s thematic topic.


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