Music for Impact

The project 'Tunisia88 – Music for Impact' is based on two principles: That music is dialogue and exchange, and that young people play a central role in the processes of democratisation. For these reasons, the music project is a unique opportunity for introducing young people to civil society engagement.

Giving concerts throughout Tunisia, young musicians are interpreting traditional Tunisian and international pieces alongside their own works. In so doing, they are occasionally accompanied by renowned artists. With the foundation of extracurricular music clubs in all 24 governorates of Tunisia, a space has opened up to schoolchildren where they can be creative and learn to independently pursue their own goals.

Extracurricular Music Clubs

As a band, choir, soloist or as an orchestra – young people organise their own local music events through extracurricular music clubs. They also present their own pieces in song writing competitions. By singing with national and international choirs, they meet other musicians and gain experience by performing abroad. With the support of a mentor, the schoolchildren lead the music clubs according to democratic principles, and by making music and coordinating together, they learn to act responsibility and independently as well as cooperatively.
At nationwide training courses and events, schoolchildren can network with others across the country, becoming part of a community in which connections are emphasized and differences are respected. In this way, they are prepared and motivated to participate actively in society.

Involvement at the State Level

'Tunisia88 – Music for Impact' is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Tunisia. Through a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education, the project is integrated into existing state structures, leading to its broad acceptance among parents and in schools. In the long term, the project is expected to be integrated into school curriculum. Plus, by strengthening these participatory approaches, the school system is supported in its modernisation efforts.     

The 88 Keys of a Piano

The project began in the autumn of 2015. The number 88 in the project’s name represents the number of keys on a piano. Thereby, a total of 88 concerts throughout Tunisia was organised in the first phase. Since then, for the founding events of the music clubs, a piano has been driven from one school to the next.

Participating Contributors

ifa’s partners include Action et Développement Solidaire in Tunisia and 88 International in the United States of America. Together, these organisations make this project possible by organising the music clubs’ founding events, training courses, regional, national and international concerts, events and competitions as well as by distributing musical instruments to schools.

Since July 2019, ifa has been supporting the project with funding from the German Federal Foreign Office.


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