Lecture Programme of the German Federal Government

Since its implementation by ifa in 1995, the aim of the Lecture Programme of the German Federal Government has been to convey a current and multi-layered image of Germany abroad. ifa supports German diplomatic missions in selecting topics, developing concepts and organising events. In addition, ifa facilitates contacts with distinguished German personalities from science, the media, culture and literature as well as former officials, dignitaries and lawyers. The events, which are mostly public and organised with local partner institutions, are aimed at decision-makers, multipliers, scientists, politicians as well as teachers, students and civil society actors. Speakers often receive the chance to reach a larger public in the form of lectures, interviews, radio broadcasts or television talk shows.


Thus far, more than 500 informational tours to all parts of the world have taken place. The topics are based on current and socially relevant issues and are coordinated between the German Foreign Office and ifa. Environment and climate, Europe, political systems, digitalisation and human rights are just a few of the issues that have been at the centre of these events in recent years.

Questions like the following are analysed and discussed in various events:

  • What are the goals of German energy policy?
  • How should Germany and Europe react to flight and migration?
  • What consequences does digitalisation have on society, economy, education and communication?
  • What experiences does Germany have which can contribute to stability and reconciliation in the world today?


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