Migration and Culture

International press commentaries on the recent cultural challenges of migration.

Integration "made in Germany"

The daily life of migrants in Germany is better than some would assume

qantara.de | 06.07.2018

Successful refugee student measures to be continued

universityworldnews.com | 16.03.2018

Cambodia’s diaspora crisis

khmertimeskh.com | 13.03.2018

Lives lived in waiting

Berlinale 2018: "Central Airport THF" by Karim Ainouz. 

en.qantara.de | 23.02.2018

Paris opens a door to exiled artists

arabnews.com | 06.02.2018

Hardly politically neutral

Turkish exiles start news portal in Arabic.

qantara.de | 16.01.2018

Opportunities for reflection

Music festival on the Greek island of Chios

qantara.de | 12.12.2017

A film festival devoted to refugee crises

bangkokpost.com | 07.12.2017