Migration and Culture

International press commentaries on the recent cultural challenges of migration.

Refugees Worldwide book explores migration stories from unusual perspectives

International Literature Festival in Berlin

dw.com | 17.09.2018

Working for diversity in Germany

The association "Deutsch Plus"

qantara.de | 04.08.2018

Integration "made in Germany"

The daily life of migrants in Germany is better than some would assume

qantara.de | 06.07.2018

Successful refugee student measures to be continued

universityworldnews.com | 16.03.2018

Cambodia’s diaspora crisis

khmertimeskh.com | 13.03.2018

Lives lived in waiting

Berlinale 2018: "Central Airport THF" by Karim Ainouz. 

en.qantara.de | 23.02.2018

Paris opens a door to exiled artists

arabnews.com | 06.02.2018

Hardly politically neutral

Turkish exiles start news portal in Arabic.

qantara.de | 16.01.2018