Graphic of the exhibition areal, black aand white

Patio Centro LAM – Plans for LASA10CARNAVAL © Club Real, Grafik: Georg Reinhardt.


Centro Wilfredo Lam | Havanna | 05.05.2019 – 12.05.2019

Exhibition | LASA10CARNAVAL is the occupation of the center through the periphery, contextual art celebrating its 10th year anniversary at the Centro Wilfredo Lam behind the main cathedral of Havanna, but with the context of the suburb where this art was born and thrives: San Agustín, La Lisa, Havanna. The houses grow feet and the street food seller comes along for this performance installation, which is also the presentation of the publication: “If you were on an island”. Meet the community of San Agustín on the banco comunitario and see if you can convince them that you are worth a part of their book, or be extra brave and enter the realm of the dreamer/creator where the realities meet.
The next day the community has returned home and the contextual art center LASA celebrates with the barrio and a concert by the famous singer Raul Paz. Let the houses dance!

Artists fostered by ifa: Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck, Paz Ponce Pérez-Bustamante, Georg Reinhardt


LASA10CARNAVAL on the road
05.05.2019  09.05.2019
The WASA Mojon is traveling and the regional buses will also carry the signal of the intranet WASA. The Mojones Dance is appearing all over the city.

Durational performance installation
10.05.2019 | 10.00 – 22.00
Interactive installation, dance performance, one-on-one Installation at the Centro Wilfredo LAM in Havana (San Ignacio #22 esq.a Empedrado, Habana Vieja)
The community of San Agustin occupies the courtyard taking their houses and dogs.

11.05.2019 | 19.00 – open end
Concert with the community and Raul Paz and party (close to LASA, 254 y 35 San Agustín, La Lisa, La Habana)
The community has returned home. The famous singer Raul Paz teams up with the local guitar club and everyone celebrates 10 years of public art in San Agustín.



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