Schwarz-weiß-Fotografie, auf der zwei Trabbis vor maroden Gebäuden zu sehen sind

Große Klausstrasse, Flutgasse (Häuser und Gesichter, Halle 1983 – 1985) © Helga Paris

Futures Past & Present
Helga Paris, Céline van Balen, Esther Kroon & Julie Greve

Huis Marseille | Amsterdam | 09.03.2019 | 13.00  14.00

Exhibition opening | As a result of the Cold War, the remarkable oeuvre of the German photographer Helga Paris (1938) was long time only known at the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. While Paris enjoyed widespread popularity in East Germany, her photographs rarely reached a public in the West. Although her work, with its quite intimate glimpses of daily life in East Germany, is strongly linked to the course of her own life, its expressiveness is universal. The empathy of her gaze makes it easy for us to imagine ourselves in the people and places she photographed.

Helga Paris’ work, including seven portfolios which are being exhibited in full for the first time, are on view as part of Futures Past & Present. This exhibition shows the work of four female photographers: Céline van Balen, Julie Greve, Esther Kroon and Helga Paris. The four have separate individual histories, but they also have something in common: they all show great talent, and the ascent – or demise – of their careers has been determined by unusual factors: personal circumstances, fate, or the time and place of their birth. The four are also linked by their exceptional ability to engage directly with their subjects, a skill revealed by their portrait work in particular. Their models are portrayed in all their strength and dignity, with subtle distinctions between personalities.

Exhibition: 09.03.2019 02.06.2019



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