The zivik Projects

Nicolaus Mesterharm, filmmaker and journalist, sitting on stairs.

The Listener

Nicolaus Mesterharm works in Cambodia to prevent the Khmer Rouge reign of terror from being forgotten. He’s motivated by his own family history.

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Presentation of Ana Sahrai, leader of the party ’Generation for Change’, Căușeni, Republic of Moldova, 2019

Youth as Key to More Democracy

The democratisation process in Moldova is progressing very slowly. Many of its citizens are frustrated by the current situation. 'Especially the young people, are not aware of their own ...

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Participants of the Socio-Environmental 2019 program in closing activity carried out in December 2019, Chinauta, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Strong Communities for the Conservation of Biodiversity

What impact does Colombia's peace agreement have on the extraction of raw materials? And how does that effect the people on site? Coordinator Luis Enrique Orduz and the PODION team ...

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Photo taken during the final Forum, Diana is presenting her project together with her team members.

Active Young Armenians for More Civic Engagement

The 'Velvet Revolution' in 2018 put Armenia on the path of democratisation and paved the way for a broader civic activism and participation in the political processes. In this context, ...

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Young people sit on the sofas and listen intently to the speaker. A group sits together at the laptop and works on their topic.

Actively Shaping Your Own Future

In the youth forum of the organization Interchange e.V., participants were encouraged and supported to actively work on their ideas for the future. Hiba Majdoub, one of the organizers ...

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Portrait of Sister Agatha O. Chikelue in September 2020

Moving from Dialogue to Action

Nigeria is plagued by violent religious extremism; so far the government’s response has been insufficient. Sister Agatha O. Chikelue, Executive Director of the Cardinal Onaiyekan ...

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This photo shows Olena's family, her husband and three children

I Can Change this World for Better

The project 'Women Voices Count 2019' aims to increase the role of women as driving forces for sustainable development, as well as to take measures in accelerating women empowerment and ...

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[Translate to english:] A man in apparent pain is being held in a police car by Burundian police

Breaking the Wall of Impunity

Mrs. Pamela Capizzi joined TRIAL in 2014 and is now heading all activities related to Burundi as national coordinator. In 2016 she was asked by the Burundian authorities to leave the ...

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