Social Media Travel Grant

The Social Media Travel Grant enables people that are active in German minority organisations to take a two-week trip to countries of Eastern Europe or the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Throughout the journey, grant recipients share their experiences with a big community on the Mind_Netz social media platforms. In so doing, they can network with German minorities in other countries and gain further qualifications in the area of social media. Afterwards, these travel reporters can integrate their experience into the work at their German minority organisation. Each year, four travel grants are awarded.

Whom Is the Programme Designed for?

Members and employees of an association, organisation or editorial office of German minorities based in one of the following countries can apply: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, the Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

What Does the Funding Include?

The grant includes a two-week trip to two or three countries from the list above. Grant recipients can choose their destinations. Depending on the travel destination, grant recipients receive a fixed amount for travel and subsistence — between 1,500 - 1,800 euros per person.
Throughout their trip, grant recipients post daily travel updates on Mind_Netz and contribute photos, videos and reports about the day-to-day life of German minorities and their work in their organisations. When agreed upon, grant recipients may also report on their own chosen areas of interest.
Prior to the trip, ifa provides assistance with travel plans and contacting German minority organisations. In addition to this, ifa is always available for organisational and content-related questions during the trip.

Before the journey begins, grant recipients are invited to a social media workshop in Stuttgart which will prepare them for their tasks abroad. Travel and accommodation costs are paid for via the travel grant. In addition to this, grant recipients are invited to participate in a training seminar of the Cultural Assistant Programme and the Job Shadowing Programme. In a final discussion round after the trip, the travel reporters can share and evaluate their experiences and successes together with the ifa staff.


What Are the Prerequisites?

  • Those interested in applying must be involved in a German minority association, organisation or editorial office based in Eastern Europe or CIS countries.
  • Applicants are at least 18 years old at the time of the application and have good written and spoken German skills.
  • Applicants have the necessary communication devices for creating articles, such as a smartphone, laptop or camera.
  • Practical experience in the area of social media and/or journalism is desirable.

Application in 3 Steps

  • Download and fill out the informational form
  • Create a short application video
  • Send completed form and video to dmi-stipendien(at)

Application Deadline

In July 2021 for a Social Media Travel Grant between August and September 2021. 

What Application Documents Are Required?

  • The completed Informational form
  • Applicants must submit a short video — maximum 90 seconds — which briefly introduces them, explains their interest in German minorities and their concept for their travels. They should explain their motivations and why they are suitable for this grant. Video files that are too large to be sent by email can be sent via a file sharing service.

What Happens after Applying?

Selected applicants will be invited to a personal video interview. All applicants will receive written confirmation or rejection by email. Acceptance is subject to the approval of funds by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Documents to Download

German Minorities

Minorities can mediate between cultures and provide impulses for the coexistence of different population groups – provided that the minorities are socially recognised, have a secure space to assert themselves and have access to appealing programmes. For this reason, they must be well positioned both institutionally and personally. The programmes for German Minorities support German minorities in Eastern Europe and in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in their role as civil society actors and bridge-builders. They thus promote a multifaceted, current and realistic image of Germany, contributing to the process of European integration and cultural relations within Europe and beyond.


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