Artists' Contacts

With the Artists‘ Contacts programme, the ifa supports the international cooperation of cultural actors. Artists and cultural practitioners from Germany and from transformation or developing countries receive valuable support for projects in contemporary visual arts, architecture, photography, media art and design. Applicants thereby receive the chance to network internationally and to advance the intercultural discourse between Germany and the global South.

Whom Is the Programme Designed for?

The Artists‘ Contacts Programme is open to

  • Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries who want to carry out a project in Germany
  • German people working in the cultural sector or those with at least 5 years of residency in Germany who are planning a project in a developing or emerging country.

What Kinds of Projects Are Funded?

The programme supports projects of contemporary visual art, architecture, design, photography and media art in the following formats:

  • Performances
  • Artist-in-residence programmes
  • Workshops
  • Preparatory and research trips
  • International events such as symposia, conferences and lectures

Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries can also apply for funding for exhibitions in Germany.

What Does the Funding Include?

The programme supports people who are working in the cultural sector by funding travel costs, accommodation expenses and visa fees. 

What Are the Requirements?

  • German and international cultural actors must work on a project together artistically and conceptually.
  • The cultural actors must have received an invitation by a foreign cultural or exhibition institution.
  • The project will take place in a non-commercial context. The sale of the work is not envisioned.
  • The hosting institution hosting provides a significant financial and otherwise own contribution.
  • Cultural actors who live in Germany but who do not have German citizenship must state when their residency in German began; the minimum requirement is five years.
  • The project must present work of high-quality.

Exclusionary Criteria for the Application

  • Invitations from private galleries are not permitted.
  • A completed project or a project that has already begun before being accepted by the Artists‘ Contacts programme cannot be funded retrospectively. Expenses incurred prior to being accepted cannot be redeemed with the funding.
  • Cultural actors  who live in Germany but who do not have German citizenship may not receive sponsorship in their respective countries of origin.  
  • Student exhibition projects are not permitted. Please refer to DAAD for these kinds of funding opportunities.

Application in 4 Steps

  1. Request access to the online application via the application system.
  2. Open the link sent in the email and create an online application.
  3. Fill out the application (Interim storage possible).
  4. Submit the application online, then print out and sign the application and send it to ifa by post with all of the necessary documents:

ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen)
Artists‘ Contacts
Charlottenplatz 17
D-70173 Stuttgart

What Application Documents Are Required?

  • Invitation from the foreign cultural or exhibition institution.
  • Description of the cultural or exhibition institution.
  • CVs for all applicants for which funding is requested.
  • Visual material in print form (for instance catalogue, photos) of the project to be funded and/or of previous artistic work. Sound and video work can be inserted as a link in the application system under point 6 or saved on electronic media and sent by post along with the rest of the application documents.
  • Three quotations for the cost of airfare based on current fares.

Application Deadlines

  •  31 January for projects as of June of the same year.
  •  15 August for projects in the following year.

The date of postmark is applicable. Applications sent after the filing deadline will not be considered.

What Happens After Applying?

All applicants will receive written confirmation or rejection within about three months of the submission of their application. Recourse to legal action is out of question. If funding is granted to the applicant, ifa will reimburse all applicable and recoverable costs upon receiving the original invoices.


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