zivik Funding procedure - After a project is completed

The Final Report on Expenditure of Funds must be submitted following the conclusion of the funding period. Generally this is within two months. The exact date is stipulated in the respective Funding Agreement.

Statement of accounts

Please use Appendix 10 of the grant contract to prepare the Final Report on Expenditure of Funds. The Summary Report should provide detailed information on (1) the overall implementation of the project broken down into individual project phases and (2) the objectives and successes achieved by the project and its impact on the conflict environment. Please pay careful attention to our Guidelines for Preparing the Summary Report (DOCX).

Original receipts and documents must be retained for five years for examination by the German Foreign Office, its intermediary organisations and the Federal Court of Audit. On-site examinations of project documentation may also take place during project evaluations.

Additional information and sample forms for the Final Report

Additional Information and Sample Forms for the Final Report

Current exchange rates can be found here

If you have any questions or require additional advice, please feel free to contact the zivik team.

Repayment of project funds

We request that repayments of project funds be made via bank transfer to the following ifa account:

Baden-Wuerttembergische Bank
Address: Kleiner Schlossplatz 11, D-70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Account holder: Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen e. V.
Account number: 206 47 45
Bank code number: 600 501 01
IBAN: DE73 60050101 0002064745

Please list your reference number, the date of the funding agreement and the project title on the bank transfer form. In case of late repayment, ifa is required to charge default interest pursuant to section 1.2 of the Special Auxiliary Provisions of the Federal Foreign Office. Default interest is calculated at 5% above the base interest rate, as stipulated by the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

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