National Programme for Capacity Building and Dialogue for the Transformation of Conflicts on Land

2018 | Colombia

Within the on-going peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla the topic of land and its distribution is of top priority. Conflicts around the possession of land have been the main cause for the armed conflict in Colombia in over 50 years now. Lately, especially conflicts on large resource extraction projects and accompanying environmental conflicts have played an important role.

Following the interests and needs of Colombian NGOs as well as of indigenous and afrocolombian umbrella organisations the Corporación PODION is implementing a project for capacity building and dialogue for staff members of 32 organisations in different regions of the country. It aims at capacity building in the fields of conflict transformation of land conflicts, sensitisation for environmental conflicts and knowledge of legal aspects of land and environmental conflicts, especially for indigenous and afrocolombian communities. The content of the courses is combined of theoretical and practical elements in order to give the participants the opportunity to start from their own knowledge and experiences and to look at the implementation in their own contexts. The goal is to raise the capacity of the organisations in constructively influencing the existing conflicts on land in their environments and to further develop their organisations.

The participating organisations will receive counselling on current local or regional land conflicts by PODION according to emerging needs. Part of the education and implementation will also be the creation of dialogue fora on local and regional level with concerned key actors.