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The zivik programme advises non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the German Federal Foreign Office on civilian conflict resolution. The zivik team promotes, documents and evaluates projects implemented in crisis regions throughout the world. The programme is financed through funding provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.
Since 2001, ifa and its zivik programme have been making a key contribution to expanding the field of civil conflict resolution. The programme also serves to put into practice the Federal Government's Action Plan on "Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding," which was adopted in 2004.

Civil Conflict Resolution

Civil conflict resolution aims to intervene as constructively and as early as possible in conflicts and in dynamics of violence, in order to achieve a de-escalation of conflict, an end to violence and to create the potential for peace work. Civil society organisations attempt to achieve non-violent conflict resolution through a broad spectrum of methods, creative strategies and specific forms of action. In terms of concrete project work, this requires courageous, conflict-sensitive engagement and creativity within a variety of cultural, social and political contexts.


  • Project funding
  • Development of innovative methods and strategies to strengthen the theoretical foundations
  • Realisation of evaluations and analyses
  • Identification and documentation of good practices and lessons learned


  • Consultative assistance with regard to project conception, the submission of applications, and the implementation and financial administration of projects
  • Application Reviews and funding decision
  • Processing of funding disbursement requests and monitoring of project finances
  • Support services throughout the implementation of the project
  • Inspection of the final report on expenditure of funds and formal closure of the project
  • Consultative support during evaluation processes

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