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A community magazine for and by global civil society

The magazine has a clear focus: civil society. All content comes from local activists who are experts in their field. They report on human rights, migration, culture, dialogue and climate issues.

Some of the articles were published before by other newspapers.


Sablettes beach in Algiers. The pace of illegal migration has intensified, despite prison terms of six months for those arrested by the coastguard. Photograph: Zineb Bettayeb

'I live on crumbs': why older Algerians risk the small boats to Spain

Nouara is 65 but ready to join thousands of others who burn their ID and pay traffickers for a chance of a new life in Europe.

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Mubarak helping a dog at the Sulala Animal Rescue centre in Gaza City. Photograph: Anas Baba

Pet rescue in Gaza - one man's mission to care for abandoned animals

Horrified by an official campaign to kill strays, Saeed al-Err has made it his life’s work to care for cats and dogs in the city.

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Founder Mehriban Zeynalova hugs a woman in front of her shelter. Photograph: Ismayil Fataliyev

'They gave me a chance': refuge for abused Azerbaijani women

The Baku shelter, run by someone who spent years homeless and on the streets, helps 650 mothers and children annually.

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A transgender youtube channel selling clothes. Photograph: Muhammad Abuzar

Giving voice to Pakistan’s transgender community 

In the closed world of Pakistani society, Sonia Naz is a strong and supportive voice for the transgender community - but it took a terrible attack to give her the strength to speak out.

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House in Kiyv with entrance in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. Photograph: Marjan Blan via unsplash

7 voices on Ukraine

Activists from seven neighboring countries of Russia and Ukraine share their views on the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

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Between the Taliban's Takeover and Scant Financial Funding

Peter Schwittek founded the Ofarin organisation which has been educating Afghan girls in mosques for more than two decades. After the rise of the Taliban, Ofarin's activities have been ...

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A woman participates in a military drill for civilians. Photograph: Wyatt Dilley via unsplash

Last time Andriy was in high heels - now he’s taken up arms

It was a week when Ukrainians saw their lives upturned. The celebrated artist reveals her fears but also the pride felt in the resilience of her peers.

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Rania teaching a young woman how to ride bicycle. Photograph: Samar Abou Elouf

The Gaza ladies' bicycle club

After helping her daughter survive cancer, Rania Shaik dedicated herself to bringing joy to the women of Gaza by setting them loose on two wheels.

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These video portraits were created as part of ifa's "Mobile Reporting" workshop. The topics focused on people who caught the workshop participants' attention through their socially responsible actions. In six sessions, participants learned online how to produce stories as a video journalist using their own smartphone.


The co-curation consists of five alumni from the CCP network who meet regularly with the coordination of the magazine. The co-curation takes a critical look at the online magazine and its processes. It ensures the ownership of the community and actively avoids a Eurocentric imprint on the magazine through regular page criticism. For example, the co-curation has helped to develop a fee schedule for commissioning and the editorial guidelines.

Its members are elected for a period of two years.  

  • Maria Koltsova


    Maria Koltsova is a journalist from Russia specialising in human rights issues. She holds a Master's degree in human rights and democratisation in Eastern Partnership and Caucasus Countries from the Centre for European Studies. Maria has worked for a range of international and Russian independent media, writing about political repression, LGBT+ rights, migration, domestic violence and other issues. In 2018, she participated in the ifa CrossCulture Programme, where she spent two months at Deutsche Welle. 


  • Musa Wantiti


    Musa Wantiti is a Libyan Civil society activist with over 10 years of work experience in the field of human rights and peace building. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in data analysis from the University of Gharyan-Libya. In 2018 he participated in the ifa CrossCulture Programme where he spent his scholarship with the Nuremberg Human Rights Centre (NMRZ) for three months. He was chosen as a CCP country representative of Libya for the period 2020-2023. 


  • Nezha Sadik


    Nezha Sadik is an international consultant in gender and communication, a journalist, and the co-founder of the organization Women for Diversity and Peace. Nezha’s broad professional experience include communication and gender, journalistic techniques, research, public-relations and media. She was a CCP fellow in 2020 at the host organization Deutsche Welle.


  • Samia Tamrin Ahmed


    Samia Tamrin Ahmed is a communications professional from Bangladesh and was a CCP fellow in 2013. She interned at Kulturaustausch Magazine of IFA in Berlin. Currently she is based in Prague, Czech Republic, assisting in Erasmus+ education projects at Mise Hero s. r. o. In Bangladesh she worked in academic publishing, a think tank, an NGO as well as in a United Nations project that supported the national Human Rights Commission.  


  • Zineb Bettayeb


    Zineb Bettayeb is an Algerian IT Specialist and a former cultural journalist with over 13 years of work experience. She graduated with a master's degree from the University of Algiers and had obtained many certificates in different fields. Being engaged in several civil society projects, related to the preservation of cultural heritage in Algeria as well as participating in many relief campaigns to low income families, led her to be part of ifa Cross Culture Programme in 2018, where she worked with the Deutsche Unesco Commission for three months. 


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