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Internship Programme

A person is standing in front of a wall which is painted with flowers; Photo: Emma Frances Logan

Flower Child, Photo: Emma Frances Logan via Unsplash

About the programme:
The internship programme contributes to the individual qualification of staff and volunteers, and to the cross-border networking of associations, organisations and editorial offices of German minorities. The programme includes four to six-week grants. Thematic best-practice models and working methods are taught at a host institution. The programme promotes specialized professionalisation and stimulates new impulses and insights for the practical work of institutions of German minorities. The integrative approach of the programme combines practice-oriented qualification and international networking.

Who can apply?
(Volunteer) staff of associations, organisations or editorial offices of the German minorities based in Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary or the CIS.

Requirements for the applicant:

  • Specific training needs for the implementation of a project and/or professionalisation and further organisational development
  • Recommendation of your own institution
  • Very good German language skills
  • Practical experience in the planning and implementation of youth, cultural or media projects

Requirements for the host organisation:

  • Institution of the German minorities or an organisation that works closely with the German minority based in Central Eastern or Southeastern Europe, the CIS countries and in special cases in Germany
  • In the case of specific qualification projects that are not possible in this context, internships are also possible at another cultural, media or youth work institution

How can I apply?
Interested staff or volunteers working for German minorities can submit an application for a grant. Applicants are selected by ifa in consultation with the ifa regional coordination.
The internship at the host institution must take place between June and December 2019. ifa assists with the organisational preparation and implementation in the selected host institution or assists in the selection of a suitable institution.

Call for applications: expected January 2019

Documents for application:
Application documents are expected to be available online January 2019.

Programme coordination: Linda Khan
Integration and Media
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)
Charlottenplatz 17
D-70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49.711.2225.117