Leben nach der Flut: Ein Junge steht in Pashtoon Ghari (Distrikt Nowshera) bei Peshawar in den Truemmern seines Hauses, August 2010; Foto: Thomas Lohnes © Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
Philippinen 2013: Nach dem Taifun Haiyan werden Nothilfesets und Nahrungsmittel an die betroffene Bevölkerung verteilt. © Jens Grossmann/Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

Funding Programme Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian assistance aims at alleviating the suffering of people in need as a result of natural disasters, crises, armed conflicts or other circumstances. With its corresponding funding programme, ifa partners up with the German Federal Foreign Office to strengthen the cooperation between governmental- and non-governmental organisations. The programme seeks to detect emergencies at an early stage and provide swift, flexible and unbureaucratic assistance where it is most needed.

The funding programme offers holistic advisory services to approved and well experienced partner organisations: Beyond assisting partner organisations in the application process and in project implementation, ifa also supports partners in drawing-up their reports on expenditure of funds and develops tools and methods for project- and performance management.

ifa promotes the cooperation between governmental- and non-governmental organisations, supports civil-society organisations and evaluates projects on a global scale. Humanitarian assistance carried out by civil-society organisations is characterised by diverse methods, creative strategies and tailored activities. In terms of project work, this requires a courageous and conflict-sensitive approach as well as quick and flexible ways of working in various cultural, societal and political contexts.

ifa has been promoting conflict prevention and -resolution projects through various programmes for more than 20 years. Moreover, ifa has a strong record of supporting minorities and civil society actors. The core of our work lies in providing project consulting and project monitoring, in order to make sure the funded projects are of highest quality and have long-lasting and sustainable effects.

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The funding programme Humanitarian Assistance is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. The concept is based on the Strategy of  the  Federal  Foreign  Office  for Humanitarian Assistance Abroad (PDF).