Dabkeh Flash Mobs, Foto: Kuhnle/ifa

"Dabkeh Flash Mobs" by Osama Awwad, Palestinian Territories

Dabkeh – an Arab folk dance – is passed down from generation to generation, and often acts as a vehicle for dialogue and the narration of Palestinian history. Osama Awwad, a dancer, choreographer and dramatist from Bethlehem, has taken this dance and brought it to a wider public in the form of flash mobs in Bremen. The performances took place in public places, including railway stations and shopping streets. Workshops in schools were also part of the project. The dance invited subsequent discussion and provided an insight into the everyday lives of Palestinians. This stop on the tour was organised in conjunction with LidiceHaus, a youth education centre in Bremen.

Impressions of "Dabkeh Flash Mobs"

About the Initiator

Osama Awwad; Foto: ifa/Kuhnle

Osama Awwad from Bethlehem is one of seven founding members of the Diyar Dance Theatre. Its vision is to create a space where young adults can celebrate their Palestinian history with traditional folk dance and modern theatre. Besides being an actor and dancer, Osama Awwad also works as dramaturge and choreographer. He graduated from Palestine Technical College in the field of media. During his CCP fellowship in 2015, Osama Awwad cooperated with the free ensemble 'Backsteinhaus' in Stuttgart, where theatrical dance performances develop under the artistic direction of Nicki Liszta.

The Dabkeh Flash Mobs took place in various locations in the city of Bremen: between 28 May and 3 June, 2017.

In Cooperation with

The youth educational center LidiceHaus in Bremen supports young people in their commitment for a just and solidary society. The center stands for a culture of acceptance and appreciation of diversity. The core of the educational work is critical discussion of history and current anti-democratic and authoritative developments, as well as the theme 'Remembering for the future'. The LidiceHaus has a long tradition in international youth work: The cooperation with the Dar Al Kalima Academy Bethlehem was initiated 10 years ago. Projects in the field of youth culture together with the Diyar Dance Theatre and the girls' soccer team – both projects of Dar Al Kalima Academy – combine international youth education with culture and sports. The LidiceHaus also regularly hosts international conferences on current political questions: Last October the topic was 'Crossing Borders – sharing communities in times of migration and refugees'.