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Scholarship CCP Focus

Fellows of the CrossCulture Programme

Fellows of the CrossCulture Programme; Photo: ifa/ Wolfgang Kuhnle

About the scholarship
The new scholarship “CCP Focus” is open to applicants from the MENA region, Central, South and Southeast Asia. Participants of this scholarship share a common thematic and professional focus. This is 2019: Civic education. For the first time in 2019, interested persons can apply exclusively for pre-defined job offers. The stay in Germany is 2-3 months.

Application deadline 28th february

Participating countries:
Algeria; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Egypt; Indonesia; Iraq; Iran; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Qatar; Kyrgyzstan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Malaysia; Morocco, Mauritania; Oman; Pakistan; Palestinian territories; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Tajikistan; Tunisia; Uzbekistan; United Arab Emirates; Iraq; Kuwait; United Arab Emirates; Uzbekistan

Thematic focus:
In 2019, the focus will be on civic education. The new scholarship is therefore explicitly aimed at those applicants who deal with this topic professionally in the narrower or broader sense.

Civic education plays an important role in the development of an active civil society. It fosters the capacities of citizens, both youth and adults, to better understand societal and political circumstances, in order to engage actively in their society.

Furthermore, digital tools play an increasing and essential role in our daily life. They create new ways of interaction in high speed, which also affects the field of civic education. Therefore, two of the fellowships concentrate on digital aspects of civic education.

In contrast to the other two scholarships “CCP Muslim majority countries” and “CCP Eastern Partnerships & Russia”, the scholarship agreements with German host organisations are not structured individually according to professional profiles and suitabilities. Rather, there is a selection of predefined scholarship positions offered by experienced German organisations in the field of civic education. Interested parties can apply directly for these positions via our web-based application platform.

We strongly recommend to apply via desktop computers. Applications submitted via smartphones or tablets without attachments will not be considered. Please prepare the following mandatory documents before starting the application process:

Supporting documents (copies of diplomas, evidence of experience, etc.) may be requested at a later stage in the competition.

Make sure that you have all documents ready in advance, as the application portal does not allow you to save incomplete applications and/or resume them at a later date. Please note that only complete applications including the above documents will be considered.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 28 February 2019.

Apply online here

Structure and procedure:
Selected participants from abroad complete an eight to twelve-week scholarship at one of the pre-selected organisations in Germany between May and December 2019. “CCP Focus” provides fellows with the opportunity to establish professional contacts and to familiarise themselves with the specificities of the host-organisations operational procedures, methods and tools in the field of civic education. In addition, “CCP Focus” is closely linked to the other CCP scholarships so that a professional exchange among fellows from different countries and regions is possible. Fellows are invited to share experiences with their professional networks in their home country in order to promote the building and maintenance of intercultural and cross-national networks.


  • Support in the preparation of the professional fellowship
  • Monthly grant of 550 Euro
  • Accommodation in Germany (single or shared apartment)
  • Coverage of health insurance during the stay in Germany
  • Assumption of travel expenses and visa fees
  • Supporting programme e.g. networking events, participation in workshops

Responsibilities of the fellows:

  • Securing leave of absence from the employer
  • Preparation for the application for a short stay visa (Schengen visa)
  • Communication and consultation with the programme team as well as the respective host organisation
  • Participation, as appropriate, in accompanying events (workshops, trainings etc.)
  • Assessment of potential risks and impacts on their work in the country of residence (due to the participation in the programme)
  • Submission of a final report

In case you have further questions about “CCP Focus”, please see our specific frequently asked questions (FAQ). In case you cannot find a satisfying answer there, please contact crossculture(at)

For further information, please see our frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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