Jumping into a puddle


The ifa supports German minorities in Central, Eastern and South East Europe and the CIS countries. (In German)

Pedestrians crossing

CrossCulture Programme

ifa's CrossCulture Programme offers young professionals and volunteers work experience in another cultural area. 

Indonesia, Protection International

Civil Conflict Resolution

zivik promotes international peace projects in crisis regions and contributes to strengthening networks between state and non-state actors.

Volcanic eruption

Humanitarian Assistance

The Humanitarian Assistance programme coordinates the cooperation of state and non-state organisation during natural disasters.

Gregory Blunt, Simon Speiser, Emmy Skensved: #Pizzag8; © Blunt x Skensved

Exhibition Funding

The ifa supports exhibition projects of contemporary German artists or artists with residence in Germany.



Curatorial team of the 10 berlin biennial of contemporary art

Artists' Contacts

The Artists' Contacts programme promotes the international cooperation of German and foreign persons engaged in the cultural sector.