Villa Aurora

Purpose/ Activities

Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V. in Berlin strengthens German-American cultural ties by offering scholarships for artists and intellectuals connected with a stay at the Villa Aurora and the Thomas Mann House. As the former home of Lion and Marta Feuchtwanger, the Los Angeles-based Villa Aurora is a spot for cultural encounter while at the same time memorial for expats during the Nazi regime in Germany. Around one dozen German artists benefit from its scholarships annually. 

Since its purchase by the Federal Republic of Germany, the former home of Thomas Mann in Los Angeles joins the Villa Aurora in supporting transatlantic intellectuals by offering scholarships connected with a stay as well. Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V. is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media.


Artists’ residency and venue for international artistic encounters, Villa Aurora fosters German-American cultural exchange in the fields of literature, music, fine arts and film. The house is also a memorial to the artists and intellectuals who, during the era of National Socialism, found refuge in California, and influenced the cultural life of the American West.

Villa Aurora, first and foremost, runs a fellowship program, enabling artists to realize their projects and present their work to the public through screenings, exhibitions, concerts and readings. It is a major goal to introduce the fellows to the cultural network in Los Angeles as well as German cultural intermediaries in North America. Furthermore, the organization awards the Feuchtwanger Fellowship on a yearly basis.

As cultural institution Villa Aurora is active in two locations: The artists’ residency Villa Aurora in Los Angeles and the Villa Aurora Forum in Berlin. Villa Aurora Forum in Berlin organizes the application process and jury sessions to identify the fellows. They are introduced to the German public in a variety of programs. In California, Villa Aurora collaborates with a multitude of local partner organizations creating cultural programs. Selected „transatlantic“ programs are dedicated to exchanges between Berlin and Los Angeles and Germany and the U.S.


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