Estonian Institute (Eesti Instituut)


The task of the Estonian Institute is to spread information about Estonian society and culture in other countries, further cultural and educational links and organize the teaching of Estonian language and culture outside Estonia.

Over the years, the Institute has published dozens of information booklets and periodicals about Estonia, compiled web pages, organized festivals, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, received journalists, researchers and lecturers, translators and writers, despatched lecturers of Estonian language and culture to universities abroad and supplied the study centres with relevant material.

In order to make Estonia better known in the world, the Institute describes Estonia and its people in their entirety, emphasizing the relations between different fields of society as they appear in everyday life. Culture is a phenomenon, created and carried by people regardless of their profession and age. The Institute does not thus limit its daily work with introducing literature, art, film, music and other fine arts, but disseminates information also about Estonian education, economy, natural environment, social organization and other areas of life, which all directly or indirectly shape Estonian culture and therefore also the Estonians’ life.

Apart from their head office in Estonia the institute has branch offices in Finland and Hungary. The institute cooperates with the Estonian embassies and cultural attachés.

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