Two people in protective suits are standing next to a truck, surrounded by sand dunes

Flying Holes – Follow the Wires! Arbeitsprozess; Photo: Peter Behrbohm and Markus Bühler

Flying Holes – Follow the Wires!

MAK Center for Art and Architecture | Los Angeles | 05.08.2019 – 31.08.2019

Exhibition | Click. Sent! But where did the email go? From the wifi router onward it is anything but a cloud – an entangled clutter of cables spanning the globe. Modulation – Demodulation. Veins dispatching light or electrons, passing cathedrals of whirring hard drives and cooling fans, crossing deserts and oceans until they confluence in “ONE WILSHIRE”, where the communication of entire continents swirls. A nondiscript highrise in downtown Los Angeles that little by little replaced all of its offices with cables until silently becoming its origin.

This is a cinematic journey to the center of the world – along the infrastructure of the Internet. Accompanied by our artificial search dog and steering an expedition vehicle that is as old as the web itself, we follow wires and meet people that might help us to find the way.

Markus Bühler and Peter Behrbohm are a Berlin-based duo working on the intersection of architecture, art and film. From April to late September 2019 they are operating from Los Angeles to visit nodal points and people working on the web’s backbone or involved in its history. The Project will be shown at MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles opening 5th August 2019.

Funded artists: Markus Bühler and Peter Behrbohm



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