​Andrea Acosta, Assisted Forest, found objects, brass rods and clamps, variable dimensions, 2020 © Andrea Acosta

Notes of a Seeress

29 Apr 2021
13 Jun 2021
ifa-Galerie Berlin
Linienstraße 139-140
10115 Berlin

Andrea Acosta, Joseph Beuys, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Sara Ouhaddou

To mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, ifa Gallery Berlin is presenting drawings by Joseph Beuys from the ifa collection in dialogue with the artistic positions of Andrea Acosta, Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Sara Ouhaddou. Both Beuys and the featured artists address overlooked, disregarded, handed-down forms of – often collective – knowledge.

Are prophecies akin to interpretations, memories, sketches or schematic images? What do they tell us? Do they unlock new realms in which we can think and act? Such questions form the starting point of the exhibition 'Notes of a Seeress', which takes its name from a 1958 drawing by Joseph Beuys.

Based on the relationship to found materials, they use humorous, poetic and social gestures to examine economic and ecological issues, initiating processes that have the potential to effect lasting societal change. The exhibition unifies four artistic perspectives into a singular spatial and mental cosmos that comments on the social and aesthetic shifts in contemporary society and the potential dialogues they give rise to.

Curated by Inka Gressel and Susanne Weiß.

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