terra0, terra0: workwear jacket, 2020 and logo. Installation view, "The Accursed Share", 2023. Courtesy of Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh. Photo: Sally Jubb

The Accursed Share

17 Mar 2023
27 May 2023
Talbot Rice Gallery
Old College, South Bridge
EH8 9YL Edinburgh

Debt – the measure of what people owe – is a fundamental principle of human societies. But the history of monetary debt is one of startling violence: the sovereign figurehead on the banknotes (the “I owe you”) in your pocket is an echo of centuries of empire-building, colonisation, evictions, enslavement, exploitation of resources, and militarisation.

At a time of spiralling debts and the cost of living crisis, 'The Accursed Share' draws on the work of nine international artists and artist groups to explore this wretched system and to celebrate attempts to resist it. The works on view explore the way capitalism alters our relationship to people and nature just as they appeal to us to think about values that might transcend a form of violence so prevalent it often seems like normality.

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