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Ukraine: Beyond Narratives

New Paths to Multilateralism

28. Mar 2022
Online Event

17:00 – 19:00

Conflicts are  justified, created and exasperated, by grand narratives. Narratives that are culturally and emotionally more deeply socially ingrained than propaganda and which often last much longer than the actual conflict.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is no exception.  Even acknowledging intense government use of propaganda, misinformation and repression of independent media, questions remain: Which historical events, collective experiences and memories contribute to the fall of narratives on fruitful ground? How does the conflict of narratives influence other regions, such as MENA?

Yet the term 'narrative' is vague and seems overused. Narratives as a sum of cultural experiences and perceptions are too often hegemonic and imperial. It is crucial therefore  to go beyond narratives, to identify what humanity shares as mutual values that can contribute to a tolerant and peaceful coexistence. What roles do human rights and international law play in this context? Should they be further developed? Where is common ground?


Panel Guests:

Sarah Zaaimi - is a Moroccan Media and Development Specialist based in Washington DC. She is interested in media, social media discourses and how it frames the narratives about conflicts, otherness and imagined identity. She has an extensive knowledge of the MENA region working as a project manager of the Nahrein Network.

Verena Metze-Mangold - is a German political scientist, journalist expert in intercultural communication who specialises in the freedom of the press and information, media, network policy, international law and WTO. She is the former president of the German Commission for UNESCO.

Belabbes Benkredda - is an Algerian-German social innovator, writer, television commentator, and government consultant specialiced in public diplomacy.He is the founder of The Munatara Initiative and was named a World Fellow in 2016 by Yale University.


Asiem El Difraoui - (Candid Foundation) is a political scientist, specialised on the Islamic world, cultural exchange, and Civil Society.


The event will be held in English.

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