Work by Mazen Kerbaj
Mazen Kerbaj, 2016, © Mazen Kerbaj
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Mazen Kerbaj invites Andrew Lafkas + one

Concertifa Gallery BerlinLinienstrasse 139/14010115 Berlin
18.00 - 20.00 | Binding registration until 7 July
Work by Mazen Kerbaj
Mazen Kerbaj, 2016, © Mazen Kerbaj

Concert in the inner courtyard of ifa Gallery Berlin

Music and visual arts are the two facets of Mazen Kerbaj’s work. In the frame of his exhibition In the Presence / Absence of Mazen Kerbaj at ifa Gallery Berlin the series 'Mazen Kerbaj invites X + one'  takes place.

In the concert series Kerbaj invites of his close collaborators in Berlin, asking her or him to bring along another musician. The name of the second guest will remain unrevealed to Kerbaj and to the audience until the joint concert. On 9 July, the musician Andrew Lafkas brings along a guest to the concert with Kerbaj.

About Andrew Lafkas

The musician Andrew Lafkas plays the contrabass and is focused on developing pieces for largish ensembles that encourage group intuition. He is inspired by experiences working in groups led by Milo Fine and Bill Dixon. Lafkas is part of the group Oceans Roar 1000 Drums with Todd Capp and Bryan Eubanks, and a trio with Marcia Bassett and Barry Weisblat. He has performed at venues and festivals including Walker Art Center, The Living Theatre, Experimental Intermedia, the Vision Festival, and the Seattle Improvised Music Festival.

Binding registration

Due to the current situation, we ask you to register your participation at IFA-Galerie-Berlin(at) until 7 July.

The number of participants is limited, participants will receive a confirmation after the registration.

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