Filmstill 'Me gritaron negra', Victoria Santa Cruz, 1978, © Victoria Santa Cruz
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I: Voices of Change

Film screeningifa Gallery Stuttgart​Charlottenplatz 1770173 Stuttgart
18:30 – 20:00
Filmstill 'Me gritaron negra', Victoria Santa Cruz, 1978, © Victoria Santa Cruz

A Film Series to Accompany The Exhibition Umbrales

From the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende to the neoliberal experiment under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet – in the 1970s a divided world looked closely at Chile. The history of colonial exploitation and unequal economic standards is of course longer, and these remain pressing issues today. The wave of protests that began in Santiago in October 2019 achieved the establishment of a long-awaited reform process for the Chilean constitution.

About The Film Series

II. At A Distance
III. The Futures Of The Past

To accompany the Umbrales exhibition the ifa Gallery Stuttgart and the 35th Filmwinter Stuttgart present a series of films in two short film programmes, entitled 'Voices of Change' and 'At a Distance', as well as Johannes Gierlinger's essayistic documentary film 'The Futures of the Past'.
This film series reflects on the scope of and opportunities for individual and collective action in our societies 'at the threshold', against the background of different local experiences with social crises, political protest and resistance.
Film Series Curated by Florian Wüst.

About Umbrales

Film Programme

Peter Nestler, SE 1974, 23'
Produced for Swedish television, the film explains the socio-economic contexts in Chile. Peter Nestler's typical collage of historical documents, drawings and photographs spans an arc from the Spanish colonization of the Americas to the Mapuche resistance to Salvador Allende and his overthrow in September 1973.

Filmstill 'Chilefilm', Peter Nestler, 1974 © Peter Nestler

Me Gritaron Negra

Victoria Santa Cruz, PE 1978, 4'
In 1978, the Afro-Peruvian activist, choreographer and composer Victoria Santa Cruz collectively performed her poem 'Me gritaron negra' ('They shouted black at me'): A powerful cry against racism and the othering of the black body. The video is excerpted from Victoria – Black and Woman, a documentary by Torgeir Wethal. Courtesy of Odin Theatre Archives.

Filmstill 'Me gritaron negra', Victoria Santa Cruz, 1978, © Victoria Santa Cruz

The Nth Degree

Emanuel Almborg, UK 2018, 51'
Swedish artist Emanuel Almborg initiated an exchange between young people from Hackney, London, and Mid Powys, Wales. Through theater workshops they developed a play that connects two historical moments: the Rebecca Riots, a peasant revolt against toll gates and the enclosure of the commons in 1840s Wales, and the more recent London riots of 2011.

Filmstill 'The Nth Degree', Emanuel Almborg, 2018 © Emanuel Almborg

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