Gegenwartsgewächse (Gina mit Todesrhizom), 2021, Installationsansicht Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, photo: Mayk Wendt
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Faserlabor 1: Nettle

Workshopifa Gallery BerlinLinienstraße 139/14010115 Berlin
18:00 – 21:00
Gegenwartsgewächse (Gina mit Todesrhizom), 2021, Installationsansicht Fundaziun Nairs, Scuol, photo: Mayk Wendt

Workshop with the artist Reto Pulfer

As part of the current exhibition Pallay Pampa. Andine Kreuzungen, a creative workshop on the theme of nettles is being held.

It is impossible to imagine the cityscape without nettle – and yet it leads a rather niche existence. We encounter it in different facets: as a medicinal plant, a nuisance, a fertilizer, as a plant protection or a tea.
Nettle is a fiber plant. Its structure allows to create fabrics that are flexible and stable at the same time. Fibers can guide and protect, they are stretchy and resistant at the same time. When fibers connect with each other, threads and fabrics are created – textures that testify to community and collectivity. Within Faserlabor, practical steps from plant harvest to fiber drill to thread are retraced, and weaved into current discourses on interconnectedness and transformation.

About the artist

Reto Pulfer

Plants play an important role in Reto Pulfer's work. The artist dissects the nettles into their fibers and spins threads, dyes fabrics, which in turn create cave-like spatial installations, music and performance. In 2020, his second novel Gina, was published, whose protagonist becomes a kind of nettle plant in a post-apocalyptic landscape.


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The event is free of charge and will be held in German.

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