70 Years KULTURAUSTAUSCH Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Celebration of KULTURAUSTAUSCH

28. Oct2021Add to Calendar
JubiläumHouse of Small WonderAuguststraße 11-1310117 Berlin
18:00 – 23:00 | invited guests only
70 Years KULTURAUSTAUSCH Anniversary Celebration

It’s KULTURAUSTAUSCH’s 70th anniversary!

The first issue of the journal appeared in November 1951 under the title 'Mitteilungen'. So soon after the Second World War, these 'Mitteilungen' served one purpose above all: to turn the disastrous image of Germans abroad into a more positive one again and to return to the international community.

Until today, the journal has gone through many developments: From the four-page in-house mail item of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, it became a journalistically independent magazine over the years. The magazine, which initially only reported 'about others', is today a publication that allows those 'others' to speak for themselves and gives a voice to many female intellectuals and journalists from all continents.

70 years of KULTURAUSTAUSCH magazine will now be celebrated together with invited guests in Berlin.

Registration is possible until 18 October.