The photo shows a painting in the process of creation by an artist’s hand holding a brush. The picture is dominated by reddish tones, reminiscent of the color of the earth. The bottom part of the image is purple. The photo is part of the exhibition “Akin”, which takes place in Athens from 05 October  to 20 December 2023.
Angela Melitopoulos, Matri Linear B - Surfacing Earth, 2021-23, multi-channel installation. Photo credits: Angela Melitopoulos


5 Oct 2023
20 Dec 2023
Tavros (1st floor)
Anaxagora 33
17778 Athen

The exhibition Akin was born out of a long-standing friendship and collaboration between the artists Céline Condorelli and Angela Melitopoulos. Their shared perspective and unflinchingly resolute efforts to represent the structural complexity of our world have been the driving force that led to the exhibition Akin at TAVROS.

 Through dream-states, a constellation of other and outer worldly ideas emerges; a form of collective making of worlds, creating the space and the impulse to re-imagine the world we live in. It is in response to this that both artists borrow a plethora of tools and strategies from indigenous practices and other forms of intelligence–in Melitopoulos’ case from the cultures of Titjikala, Yuendumu and Lajamanu in Australia, and in Condorelli’s case from the ancient technology of cephalopods. 

Considering the Earth’s surface a “speaking landscape” is central to Angela Melitopoulos’ film Matri Linear B (Part 2: Surfacing Earth), installed in the exhibition Akin. This work, her video essay installation from 2021, forms part of a broader audiovisual research that explores different landscapes on Earth, and explores the methodology of seeing, representing, and mapping landscapes as a process of social organisation. The two-channel installation creates interconnections between the aggressive dispossession of land from indigenous peoples due to colonial practices and ensuing traumas, wildfires and climatic emergencies, blind-sided state interventions, and other forms of necropolitics.

Funded artist: Angela Melitopoulos

More information about the exhibition is to be found here.

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