24. June2020-31. December2026


Exhibition worldwide
​Intervention of Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff in Espace Manifesta 13
28. August2020-29. November2020

Manifesta 13: Traits d'union.s

ExhibitionEspace Manifesta 13Marseille
Installation view of Osías Yanov exp. Virginia de Medeiros, Feminist Health Research Group
05. September2020-01. November2020

'The Crack Begins Within'

The artwork Wonders of the Moon by Sina Seifee shows an abstract view of space, which is designed in the shape of a diamond
11. September2020-10. January2021


Video projection by Sebastian Stumpf
26. September2020-06. December2020

with/against the flow

Exhibition worldwideG Museum of ArtNanjing
Exhibition view of a video installation by Jeremiah Day and Sebastian Bodirsky
03. October2020-10. January2021

'If it’s for the people, it needs to be beautiful', she said

ExhibitionCentre d' Art Le LaitAlbi
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