Digital Formats

Helping to shape the digital transformation

The focus of foreign cultural and educational policy has always been the idea of multilateral cultural exchange. The ifa's digital services provide information on cultural exchange and civic engagement worldwide. They take up current issues and contribute to the development and consolidation of sustainable international relations.

Die Kulturmittler - ifa's Podcast on Foreign Cultural Policy

Illustration: Lea Dohle

What does culture do in foreign policy? 'Die Kulturmittler' (Cultural Conciliators) provide background information, strategies and opinions on everything from biennials to cyber security and civil conflict management. Conversations with actors and stakeholders on current topics around the third pillar of foreign policy. A podcast by ifa - Germany's oldest intermediary organisation.

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Artwork of the Month

Photo: Maximilian Bauer

In the Touring Exhibitions ifa presents contemporary art from Germany worldwide. After years of travelling through international museums, the exhibitions are transferred to the ifa's art collection. The series 'Artwork of the Month' is intended to expand access to ifa's invisible art collection and offers the public an insight into the international work of the Art Department.

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