Turkey Foreign Cultural Policy

The foreign policy of the Republic of Turkey is carried out under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bilateral and multilateral cultural relations, agreements on culture and exchange programmes are all initiated and maintained within its area of responsibility. The consulates, which report to the Ministry, are responsible for the Turkish cultural centres abroad, which are located in Berlin, Hanover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Almaty, Ashkabad, Sarajevo, Teheran, Amman, Baghdad, Jerusalem and Damascus.
In addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture plays a role in Turkey's foreign cultural policy. It is required to conduct research on, develop and protect national, historical and cultural values and make them available to the public. The General Directorate for Coordination of International Relations and European Community, which is subordinate to the Ministry, also performs tasks related to organisation and maintenance within the area of foreign cultural cooperation.

Governmental Authorities

Cultural Institutions in Turkey

Turkish Cultural Centers abroad