Lithuania Foreign Cultural Policy

In Lithuania the Ministry of Culture, in particular the "International Relations and European Integration Department", is responsible for the implementation of foreign cultural policy. In 2001, the Lithuanian Institute was set up jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research. The institute’s mission is to present Lithuanian culture abroad through exhibitions, concerts, festivals, publications about Lithuania, and the realisation of international projects. In doing so, the institute works closely together with Lithuania's embassies.
The Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) opened a "Baltic Cultural Centre" in Stockholm in 1997, which is intended to disseminate information in the Nordic countries about the Baltic countries. It should be noted in connection with all of the Baltic states that they participate in "Ars Baltica", a cultural-cooperation initiative of all the Baltic Sea countries. The ministers of culture and those charged with responsibility for cultural exchange in the Baltic states support this cooperation. Each of the member states holds the chairmanship in turn for a certain period of time.

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