The Czech Republic Foreign Cultural Policy

The task of foreign cultural policy in the Czech Republic is carried out primarily by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerns itself with the presentation and mediation of Czech culture abroad, while the Ministry of Culture deals with the coordination and design of cultural exchange programmes. The Czech Centres operate under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are to be found in the United States, and throughout Europe and Asia. The Czech Centres function as representatives and providers of information on the Czech Republic by promoting the image of the country abroad and the growth of international cooperation.

Basic information on the Czech Republic's foreign cultural policy


Governmental Authorities

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministerstvo zahranicnich veci CR

Ministry of culture / Ministerstvo kultura

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports / Ministerstvo skolstvi, mladeze a sportu

Cultural Institutions in Czech Republic

Cultural institutions in Czech Republic

Cultural Contact Point (CCP)

Administration of Czech Centres

Czech Cultural Institutes abroad

Czech Centres / Ceská Centra


Czech Embassies and Consulates abroad