European Network

The European Network is an online directory of governmental institutions and organisations of the countries in Europe and of the European Union that are concerned with foreign cultural and educational policy. It is pan-European in nature, and concerns the European Union.

Structure of the European Network

An introductory text offers information about:

  • ministries responsible for cultural and educational policy
  • organisations that implement policy
  • other actors in the area of foreign cultural policy

Next in line are lists of accessible basic texts and information on the foreign cultural policy of the respective countries. These are followed by links to:

  • the ministries in charge and, where applicable, the departments of culture that pertain to them;
  • umbrella organisations for foreign cultural institutes and other selected institutions concerned with culture in the respective countries;
  • cultural institutes that the European countries maintain abroad; and
  • diplomatic missions of the respective countries.

The European Network is under construction, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

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