FAQs – Freuquently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a stipend and a research assignment?

In the framework of a stipend, ifa pays a monthly funding of currently EUR 1,500 for the scientific work. The funding is tax exempt. The stipendiary must pay for health insurance from the monthly funding. The funding is linked to the acceptance of the stipend guidelines. In the course of the stipend, the stipendiary may not receive any further stipends or be employed.
At the time a research assignment is accepted, a project contract is signed with ifa. The contractee is responsible for tax arrangements.

Can the Research Programme also commission universities, or is support only available for individuals?

Yes, a contract can also be issued to universities and tax-privileged organisations.

Is this stipend for research only?

No. The focus is on implementation-oriented research. Up-to-date scientific findings are presented in succinct and precise reports for actors in foreign cultural and educational policy, and suggestions should be made for future foreign cultural policy measures.

Which formats are developed?

Generally results are published – either in print or online. Very often the project includes the conception and implementation of an event – conference, colloquium, expert talk, etc.

Where do I work on my project? Is a workplace made available?

For the implementation of the projects, ifa often cooperates with partners. These partners usually provide a workplace for the duration of the project. In this case, the willingness to relocate – for example to Brussels or Bonn – is assumed. In addition, ifa has temporary workplaces with PCs on an hourly or daily basis, for example for research in the ifa library in Stuttgart. Generally we assume that the scientists have the necessary basic equipment (e.g., PC or laptop) to work on their projects.

How do I find out about new project descriptions and how should I apply?

All topics and projects with exact descriptions are published at the ifa website under vacancies.

Can I send in an unsolicited application for a topic?

All stipends and research assignments are tied to predetermined topics.