Interview with Richard Higgott, emeritus professor of international political economy © ifa/Gögelmann

Culture and Populism

ifa | For Richard Higgott, emeritus professor of international political economy, the cultural sector plays a special role in the resistance against against growing nationalism, nativism and protectionism.

Demonstrations in the U.S. Photo: Molly Adams (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Trump and the cultural sector

ifa | How do matters stand with regard to transatlantic cultural relations? An interview with Curd Knüpfer about his study.

Research Programme

German-Chinese Forum 2017, Photo: Peter Gwiazda

Within the Research Programme "Culture and Foreign Policy" experts do research on topics related to Germany’s Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy. They investigate specific topics, develop findings and formulate politicy recommendations for future foreign cultural policy strategies. 

Pluriversal Equal

Young woman in front of a olourful wall and fence

Cultural Practices for an Inclusive Humanity. What needs to be done? Ideas for new ways of thinking and new ways of politics through a global dialogue on different levels. 

ifa Research Award

LTR Dr. Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha, Chairwoman of WIKA; Dr. Holger Finken, DAAD; Dr. Manuela Sato-Prinz, award winner; Gudrun Czekalla, Manager of the Library of ifa; Dr. Lara Jüssen, award winner; Dr. Peter Birle, Photo: Andreas Langen

For its ifa Research Award on Foreign Cultural Policy, the ifa chooses outstanding thesises or dissertations in the field of foreign cultural policy.


Books in the Library of Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Photo: ifa/Honzera

Selective bibliography on theses in the field of culture and foreign policy continuously updated by the ifa Library.