Working Group of Independent Cultural Institutes - Casa di Goethe, Rome


The Working Group of Independent Cultural Institutes (AsKI) is a federation of currently 35 reputed national and international cultural and research institutes which play a major part in representing German’s cultural diversity. The AsKI was founded in 1967 by an initiative of the Federal Minister of the Interior. Its members are positioned in independent and non-profit sponsorship and based since its establishment to a large extent on private donations.

The AsKI is committed to the preservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage as well as to the promotion of art and culture.

The AsKI is the responsible body of the Goethe-Museum in Rome, the Casa di Goethe.

As German’s only museum on foreign soil it is concerned for

  • the standing exhibition there dedicated to Goethe's Italian journey and his sojourn and working in Rome
  • events such as readings, movie screenings, dissertations and workshops
  • temporary exhibitions
  • a library which contains precious first editions of Goethe's books as well as secondary literature on his life and work, on the tradition of the Italian journey, the history of ideas in Italy and Germany and the cultural relationship between both countries.

The AsKI each year awards the Maecenas distinction for furtherance of art and culture in Germany. This distinction awarded since 1989 wants to honor activities of private cultural sponsorship, to mediate its image to the general public and to encourage further cultural patronage.

Based on a decision of the German Bundestag the AsKI is supported by Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The AsKI is member of the German UNESCO-Commission.

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Working Group of Independent Cultural Institutes - Casa di Goethe, Rome


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