Work and Life


Work and Life is part of the political youth and adult education programme funded by the Federation of German Trade Unions and the Adult Education Colleges. Work and Life has a number of regional and many local and district working groups as well as one federal office in Wuppertal.

Fields of priority of Work and Life's international work are:

  • organising and carrying through intercultural seminars for young people in cooperation with partners from almost all European countries and many non-European countries
  • exchange-programmes for professionals and multiplicators of youth and adult education
  • French-German Youth-Exchange programmes
  • organising and carrying through of seminars for German and Polish apprentices, young professionals and/or unemployed youngsters, in Germany and Poland
  • international political adult education
  • international trade-unionist education
  • international education for senior citizens
  • joint educational projects for apprentices/ trainees in line with the LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme administrated by the EU
  • projects of adult education in line with the GRUNDTVIG Programme administrated by the EU
  • further training for language teachers
  • development of teaching materials for the international educational programme

Periodical Publications

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