Villa Vigoni e.V.


The Villa Vigoni is an association founded jointly by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Italy as a form of research exchange active in the fields of culture, art, science and socio-politics. Its priority is German-Italian cooperation with a view to European integration. Another task is the cooperation of artists from both countries.

Activities in detail:

  • organising various events, conferences, musical and artistic performances
  • organising seminars, study courses and language classes
  • promoting young talents
  • publishing the 'Mitteilungen der Villa Vigoni' (newsletter)
Villa Vigoni e.V.


Villa Vigoni e.V.
Via Giulio Vigoni, 1
22017 Loveno di Menaggio (Como)
Phone: +39 0344 361 11
Fax: +39 0344 361 210