Verband deutschsprachiger Übersetzer (VDÜ), Federation of German-speaking Translators

Purpose/ Activities

The VdÜ, established in 1954, is the professional association of literary and specialised translators and represents their interests in public, and among their contract partners (mostly publishers) and the respective associations.


  • works towards improving the legal and economic position of translators
  • provides its members with relevant information, opportunities for further edu-cation, advice and, if needed, financial support
  • gives legal assistance to its members

The VdÜ is affiliated with the German Writers’ Association (Verband deutscher Schriftsteller, VS) organised in the media trade-union Ver.di.

VDÜ members are therefore trade-union members within the Federal Section of Translators of the VS, which supports translators and the work of their as-sociation.

The VDÜ is a founding member of the German Translator Fund which gives scholarships to literary translators.

Activities in detail:

  • designing model contracts
  • working towards reforming German copyright laws
  • publishing recommended fees
  • publishing a list of translators based in Germany
  • publishing the magazine Übersetzen (Translating)
  • mailing list Übersetzerforum
  • organising the annual ‘Bensberger Gespräche’ meetings
Federation of German-speaking Translators


VdÜ/Bundessparte Übersetzer
Ver.di Ressort 14
C/o Sabine Herholz
Verband deutscher Schriftsteller, FB 8
Potsdamer Platz 10
10785 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 6956 2331
Fax: +49 (0)30 6956 3655
(website in German)