Tönissteiner Kreis e.V.


The Tönissteiner Group is an association of internationally experienced German leaders in science, business and politics. The group acts as an independent, interdisciplinary network whose aim is to increase the international orientation of Germany. Voluntary and active engagement of its members in civil society is at the core of its activities.

The Tönissteiner Group's goals are

to integrate German talent more strongly into international cooperation to actively support the development of European and international structures, and

to take topics from the international debate to Germany, helping the country to open up and reform.

To achieve these goals the Group

supports an international orientation of leadership development in politics, economics, science and society, and

organises discussion groups, seminars and study trips to support dialogue across subjects and borders, thus overcoming cultural barriers.


Tönissteiner Kreis e.V.
Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Breite Straße 29
10178 Berlin
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