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The non-commercial Hertie Foundation (GHS) is one of the major private foundations in Germany. Its aim is the search for new solutions in its areas eligible for funding and the rendering of assistance in their practical implementation. Beyond political interests the Hertie foundation wants to put useful innovations into practice. By reasons of social efficacy the Hertie foundation supports primarily such projects that serve as a model.

Its areas eligible for funding are:

  • neurological sciences concerning the following area subjects: new fields and structures of research, multiple sclerosis as well as the dialogue between researchers and the public.
  • European integration concerning the subjects: sciences in Europe, citizens and administration departments as well as the public and its room for public dialogue and meeting.
  • democratic education concerning the subjects: social integration of immigrants, language training and practical language skills as well as compatibility of family and the working life.

The majority of the Hertie Foundations' grant-programmes is aimed at students, postgraduates, and young academics from countries of Central and Eastern Europe, funding their education in Germany. The START grant-programme wants to integrate young immigrants by supporting gifted and committed young students on their way passing the german secondary school diploma. With the HORIZONS grant-programme the foundation supports future teachers in their studies. The Hertie Foundation has been running an so called "Excellence Programme" in the field of neurological sciences since 2003 in order to encourage gifted foreign scientists to stay in Germany.

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