Tandem Co-ordinating Centres of German-Czech Youth Exchanges


The Tandem – Co-ordinating Center of German-Czech Youth-Exchange in Regensburg is the central German agency in charge of youth and students' exchange between Germany and the Czech Republic. Corresponding partner organisation in the Czech Republic is the Tandem – Co-ordinating Center of Czech-German Youth-Exchange in Plzeň (Tandem – Koordinačni centrum česko-německých výměn mládeže, Plzeň).

Tandem as an operating organisation for promotion of the German-Czech Youth Exchange is financed by funds of the German Federal Fund for Children and Youth. Tandem is the central contact point within Germany for disseminators of youth work, teachers, educators and young people interested in their neighbour country. It provides information and counsel on German-Czech Youth Exchange issues, intercultural communication and the most important aspects of the Czech Republic's geography and culture.

The Tandem – Co-ordinating Centers in Germany and the Czech Republic work together towards a peaceful, amicable relationship between the two neighbour countries. Moreover Tandem's support programmes and projects are aimed at extending the number of youth and school student exchanges between Germany and the Czech Republic.

The Regensburg centre is the joint agency of the German Federal Ministry of Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Free State of Bavaria and Saxony. Supporting organisation is the Bayerischer Jugendring (Bavarian Youth Ring). The Plzeň centre is the operating agency on behalf of the Czech Ministry for Education, Youth and Sports and as an executive agency is associated to the University of Western Bohemia.

"Tandem" was chosen as a name to indicate to the close co-operation between the two centres. Tandem:

  • offers consulting services and information
  • selects and places exchanges partners and gives contact addresses (including via a bilingual online database)
  • provides further training courses for ‘multiplicators’
  • promotes extra-curricular youth encounters
  • runs a bilingual online contact site via which to link up with partners in either Germany or the Czech Republic

Particular activities of the German Tandem – Co-ordinating Center of German-Czech Youth-Exchange are (related websites in German and Polish):

  • the German-Czech extracurricular youth exchange providing support programmes for youth workers and information and counsulting services for projects of extracurricular youth exchange (project planning, financing and finding Czech partner organisations)
  • the German-Czech school-students' exchange establishing contacts between German and Czech schools and providing support in organising and carrying through projects of German-Czech school-students' exchange
  • the internship programme "Learning from each other" offering individual youth workers the chance to spend time as interns in youth facilities of the Czech neighbour country;
  • the programme  "Voluntary vocational Placements" addressing itself to German and Czech students of vocational schools, apprentices and young people without an apprenticeship training position of 16 to 26 years of age
  • the German-Czech preschool programme "From childhood onwards – Odmalička"
  • the language training programme "Learning Czech as a foreign language" deploying a special method (called "language animation") to further acquisition of the correct pronunciation
  • the German-Czech internetportal www.ahoj.info for young people
  • the bilingual Tandem-Contactsite establishing contacts between institutes, schools, registered associations and individuals

Periodical publications

(in German and Polish) 

Tandem Co-ordinating Centres of German-Czech Youth Exchanges


Office Regensburg:
Tandem – Koordinierungszentrum Deutsch-Tschechischer Jugendaustausch
Maximilianstraße 7
93049 Regensburg
Phone: +49 (0)941 58 55 70
Fax: +49 (0)941 58 55 722
(website in German)

Office Plzen:
Tandem – Koordinacni centrum
cesko-némeckých výmen mládeže
Sedláckova 31
306 14 Plzen
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 377 634 755
Fax: +420 377 634 752